Kameleon™ - Your trusted remedy for all data privacy liability concerns!

Outsource or manage in-house data processing with confidence using Kameleon's robust data security features. Kameleon provides seamless and flexible data protection and fulfils all data privacy regulations to ensure your reputation stays intact!


Privacy is one of your big concerns when processing of confidential data is involved. With stricter data privacy regulations in place and huge fines attached to any leakages or theft, the usual data protection/encryption products may not meet the mark when it comes to de-risking your in-house/offshore/outsourced operations.

Kameleon™ enables automatic interruption of any effort at extraction, copying or moving of private data with its unparalleled no-coding and hassle-free 'run-anywhere' features. Easily configurable for real time and batch operations, its flexible encryption process allows secure sharing of data among multiple parties. Cloud-ready and quickly deployed, its simple architecture allows you to get trained in hours and obtain risk-free security in days.Kameleon™ has been developed using Mastek's extensive experience in designing, building and managing UK Government solutions, and expertise in multi-party enterprise management of confidential data for the Health Service, Central and Local Government and the Military.

Product Highlights

  • Pseudonymisation: A powerful and patented pseudonymisation product for rule-based data anonymisation
  • Easily configurable: A 'Light Touch' application with no coding required for anonymisation, key import and management, database management, and other operations)
  • Flexible sharing of data: For deployment among multiple parties
  • Genuinely accurate and well structured data provision: Provides anonymisation for safe transport and storage
  • Real time and batch modes: For protecting stored data and live transactions
  • Operates in active and passive modes: Pseudonymise and Anonymise datasets based on your own rules (passive), or actively 'listen' and interrupt unauthorised copying
  • Cloud ready: Designed for cloud-based architectures from inception
  • Simple training requirement: Our clients can be autonomous in hours
  • Rapid deployment: Installed in a few hours and ready for use 
Whilst I was a programme manager within a UK Financial Services Regulator, we chose Kameleon to support the legislative and programme governance to share de-identified business data with India. Kameleon was chosen after an evaluation of other products, and was a clear winner on functionality and ease-of-use.

- Paul Humphreys, Programme Director, Legal Practice Technologies Limited