Integrated Tax Administration System (iTAS)

iTAS - Making tax administration less taxing

A comprehensive IT solution for Central, State and Local Government tax collection/ administration authorities to streamline and simplify tax collection, maximises revenue collection and predicts tax impact.

Product Overview

Given the dynamic nature of taxation laws and procedures, modernisation and continuous upgradation of existing IT systems is of paramount importance to the tax administration authorities. In order to address these challenges, Mastek has put together a unique set of tax expertise, software platforms and partnership skills in the form of the Integrated Tax Administration System (iTAS).

iTAS is a suite of three interdependent and pluggable sub-components: E-Tax Administration (a comprehensive electronic service delivery system), Core Processing System (comprising all tax administration functionalities), and Compliance Management (a solution that allows authorities to identify, analyse and check fraudulent practices).

A highly customisable and configurable solution, iTAS can be implemented incrementally with low risk and in a shorter time frame compared to custom-built solutions. The platform’s flexibility allows easy accommodation of repeatedly changing department requirements.

Product Highlights

iTAS is an integrated package that provides:

  • eServices to tax payers
  • Core Processing framework for departmental users
  • Compliance Management for reducing the overall tax gap

Built on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) foundation, it offers a 360 degree view of the tax payer and comes with a strong compliance management tool.

iTAS is multi-lingual and driven by the BPM tool, and adheres to the guidelines set by the Government of India. Powered by Business Intelligence, it supports incremental implementation, complies with the flexible case management approach and has a configurable Rules Engine. It can scale horizontally and vertically to support an increasing tax base, and can be integrated with SMS, e-mail, payment gateways and PKI infrastructure.