eFCS - Enhancing the Public Distribution System through E-Governance

Mastek's eFCS (electronic Food and Civil Supplies) solution allows the Indian Government to improve efficiency and bring transparency and accountability to its Public Distribution System, thus ensuring food security for the Below Poverty Line (BPL) population.

Product Overview

The Indian Public Distribution System (PDS) is the world’s largest food distribution network, covering 60 million families. It plays an important role in providing food security to India’s large BPL population. Providing essential commodities at affordable rates, it also exercises control over prices and checks dishonest trade practices.

The Government today aims to remove the existing malpractices and mismanagement from the current PDS, and bring in transparency and efficient delivery of services through e-Governance.

Mastek has utilised its extensive experience of providing e-governance technology to design the generalised eFCS (electronic Food and Civil Supplies) framework. eFCS automates the entire PDS and removes all major lacunae of the existing manual system.

eFCS modules provide shorter roll-out timelines, easy enrollment process, efficient food distribution operations, high citizen awareness and improved decision making. They also introduce transparency in allocation, distribution and accounting of commodities.

Product Highlights

Built upon Microsoft's ASP.Net platform, eFCS addresses the complete PDS supply chain cycle through five modules:

Public Distribution
Handles allocation, movement, consumption reporting, and scheme and point-of-sale management.

Ration Card Management
Enables authentic issuance of ration cards, thus eliminating duplication and fraud.

Budgeting and Accounting
A budgeting, payment and subsidy management module.

FPS Management
Controls issuing of licenses, regulation and license renewal of Fair Price Shops.

Supplementary Functions Module
A complaints and grievance redressal system for quick resolution of issues.