e-Municipality - Improving e-Governance for local urban bodies

Ushering a new era of e-Governance reforms in local urban governance as per the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission guidelines.

Product Overview

With urban India contributing over half of the country’s GDP, upgrading infrastructure and enhancing service delivery mechanisms in these areas has become a priority. To meet these goals, the Government has launched the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) programme to bring modern e-governance to 63 select towns and cities.

The new e-governance platforms will replace the older system of local urban governance, which is ridden with planning and operational deficiencies, lack of unified view of revenues, poor asset mapping and non-compliance. The modern systems will also remove deficiencies in the areas of fund management, dealer/vendor management, public communication and awareness building.

Mastek’s Urban Local Bodies Suite enables municipal bodies to comply with JNNURM mandates. A centralised, end-to-end integrated product, it allows municipal bodies to streamline administration and execution tasks and meet the programme’s service level benchmarks for excellence.

The Suite’s custom-built modules enable quick decision making through a unified picture of funds and revenue generation. Asset management is made simple with accurate geographical information and e-tendering. The in-built Management Information System greatly improves conducting surveys, budgeting and forecasting with efficient work flows. The Suite allows a decentralised tax collection system to be set up for greater control and transparency in interacting with dealers, among other benefits.

Product Highlights

  • GIS-based works management and e-tendering system
  • Portal and payment gateways
  • Local body tax administration with web-based, anytime, anywhere access
  • Property tax, water billing, local body tax and professional tax
  • Town planning and building plan approvals
  • Trade licenses and auditorium/municipal hall and advertisement rent management
  • Birth and death registrations
  • Health and solid waste management
  • Human resource management and payroll of municipal employees
  • Hospital and school management
  • GIS survey, GIS enabling for municipal linear assets, budgeting and forecasting
  • Data warehousing for analytics with state-level networking of local bodies
  • Citizen facility centre and vendor engagement
  • Dashboard to measure impact of JNNURM at local and state levels