Direct Benefit Transfer System - Transforming governance through innovative technology

Mastek's Direct Benefit Transfer System Suite makes Government Social Welfare Initiatives more effective through innovative information and communication technology.

Product Overview

Social Welfare schemes are indispensable tools of development for modern governance in India. The Department of Social Justice & Empowerment plans and implements various development schemes at the State and Central level to empower economically and socially backward classes and communities.

The traditional methods of planning and execution of such schemes face numerous challenges. These include monitoring and tracking the large number of beneficiaries, multiple schemes, dispersed operations and traditional methods of disbursement.

Mastek's Direct Benefit Transfer System Solution covers every aspect of scheme planning, execution and future enhancements, from application to disbursement of benefits. The solution is UID compliant for beneficiary registrations, and offers last mile connect to local panchayats and villages through Common Service Centres.

Product Highlights

Scheme Lifecycle Management
Mastek has developed seven unique modules based on the type of beneficiary engagement. The dashboard based Management Information System provides contextual information for monitoring, decision making and scheme enhancement.

Beneficiary Profile Management
Provides an integrated view of benefits across multiple schemes. Expedites verification, approval and sanctioning process for dispersed scheme operations. It also enables beneficiaries to register online and apply for various schemes and receive approvals, eliminates intermediary agents and unnecessary visits to Government offices, thus bringing in transparency.

Fund Management
The product is well integrated with Payment Gateways, enabling timely disbursements, fraud elimination and tracking of fund utilisation.

Governance Intelligence
The product's modern features provide access to intelligence on the schemes' status and beneficiary profiles for budget allocation. The intelligence reports can be used to introduce new schemes and enhance the reach and effectiveness of existing programmes.

Training and Skill Generation
Mastek provides online virtual training to officials with complete documentation and support during a handholding period to ensure project goals are achieved.

The e-scholarship solution brings operational efficiency…Mastek team has designed, developed and delivered the solution on time and within budget.

- Shri Shivajirao Moghe, Honourable Minister, Ministry of Social Justice, Maharashtra