Public services in India today stand at the doorsteps of a radical transformation. The e-Governance initiatives ushered in by Central, State and Local governments will benefit citizens with transparency, efficiency and ease of access to various government schemes and services.

This is a commendable feat, considering the complex Indian demographics. Bringing a large number of government schemes to the doorsteps of over 1.2 billion people spread over 28 states in more than 600 districts is a herculean task. The multi-tiered administration structure at various administrative levels will also have to grapple with co-ordination and integration issues.

The comprehensive National e-Governance Plan is therefore a gargantuan undertaking, requiring a committed and professional approach to the design, implementation and monitoring of services based on Information and Communication Technology.

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Betterment of masses by working with the Government
Mastek team has designed, developed and implemented this solution. They continue to work with us since 2003 to transform the tax administration system in the state ... .

- Shri Nikunja Bihari Dhal, Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Government of Orissa