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Recruitment Policy and Process

Recruitment Policy and Process


Mastek is an organisation that values contribution, provides space for success and recognises and rewards results.

Our focus is on developing Mastekeers, both professionally and personally. Our work at the industry level and our social contributions, are driven by the same principle. Thus 'Making a Valuable Difference' is at the core of being a Mastekeer.

Mastek is an equal opportunity employer. It understands the critical role its pool of talent plays in its success and growth and therefore has a process of staffing and recruitment that hires individuals solely on the basis of his/her competencies to perform the job. All appointments, whether from internal or external source, are made on the basis of individual suitability and merit.

The recruitment process is designed to ensure that every applicant is treated equally with dignity and respect. The selection process is transparent, task oriented and merit based, with weightage given to factors that suit organisation needs.

To protect the privacy of candidates and to preserve the integrity of the recruiting process, we ensure that confidentiality is maintained throughout and after the conclusion of the recruitment process.


Mastek's Recruitment Process

  • Resource Management Group (RMG) creates the Manpower Forecast Plan based on inputs, various units and functions. A Manpower Requisition Form (MRF) is submitted by the manager with the manpower requirement and after approval of respective authority is sent to the RMG.
  • RMG reviews all MRFs raised and matches the internal resources with required skill sets and makes a recommendation. And after a series of procedures, if the resource is found suitable, he is allocated to the role.
  • When the required skill set is not available internally, a number of external channels are used to source resumes. A Buddy referral scheme is also in place which encourages Mastekeers to submit the resumes of their friends.
  • A number of checks and other verification procedures are also undertaken. These include background verification, medical check up, series of aptitude and technical test on the basis of their experience etc.
  • The recruitment process doesn't stop at giving the appointment letter, there is a Candidate Relationship Management process in place to take care of hires after they are handed their offer letters till the time they join the Mastek family. On the day of joining they are handed over to HR for other joining formalities.

Mastek's recruitment process is not just about hiring. It is about adding a member to the family with a backdrop of set of policies, procedures and systems.

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- Neha R. Patwari

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