Ideals & Values

Ideals & Values

Our Ideals

The driving forces behind Mastek’s long and fruitful journey are the basic and cherished values established by its founders:

  • Evergreen Institution
  • Win for all
  • 100% responsibility for Outcomes
  • Collaborative Culture

Evergreen Institution: Mastek is not just a company, but an institution with a ‘soul’, seeking to make a valuable difference to its world. Mastek believes that sustained contribution and a spotless reputation over the long run are more important than short-term growth and profits.

Win for all: Mastek is committed to the success of every stakeholder, not just the shareholder. Mastek aims to ensure that every stakeholder benefits, without having to trade off anyone’s interest against another. Committed to building long-term relationships, Mastek seeks to win the hearts and minds of the people it touches.

100% responsibility for Outcomes: Mastek takes 100% responsibility for providing insightful and enduring solutions to its clients – modern platforms that enhance their agility and responsiveness. Mastek’s ability to quickly assimilate new technologies; to ‘listen’ deeply to client and industry-specific business challenges; and, the pride that our employees take in their work - underpin the solutions we deliver.

Collaborative Culture: Mastek embraces collaboration as the method to solve complex problems. Openness, mutual respect and teamwork -- within the company as well as with clients / partners -- are the three pillars of this collaborative approach. Collaboration is enhanced with Mastek’s simple, sincere and straightforward approach to work and relationships.

Our Values

  • Open Atmosphere
  • Collaborative Teamwork
  • Respect for the Individual
  • Pride in Work
  • Enduring Relationships
  • Customer Engagement
  • Commitment to Creating Business Impact

Open Atmosphere
Mastek fosters an atmosphere of open communication, feedback and change. Mastekeers enjoy access across levels and functions and follow a disciplined ethic comprising rules, processes and performance norms.

Collaborative Teamwork
Mastek promotes individual and collective responsibility for achieving success. Guided by its vision, a high level of teamwork is achieved across its globally distributed teams through inspired leadership, clarity of individual roles and a constant flow of communication and knowledge.

Respect for the Individual
At Mastek, every individual counts. Each individual is inspired and encouraged, rather than managed, to produce extraordinary results. The role and contribution of every Mastekeer is acknowledged.

Pride in Work
Pride in whatever we do drives Mastek’s pursuit of perfection. Every task is thus an opportunity to demonstrate attention to detail and commitment to quality, be it a business proposal, an e-mail or a status report to a customer. This pride energises Mastekeers to innovate and multiply value.

Enduring Relationships
We invest in long-term relationships to create and enhance value. Mastek endeavours to forge synergistic relations with its customers, team members, partners and shareholders, and does not compromise on their interests for expedient, short-term considerations.

Customer Engagement
Mastek aligns itself with stakeholders’ vision through an intense awareness process. Customer intimacy is achieved through careful listening, an accurate assessment of the realities and opportunities, and identification of important factors that result in success.

Commitment to creating Business Impact
Mastek makes a difference to customers by creating a visible impact to our client’s business. Our environment fosters a winning attitude where leaders have the responsibility of ensuring exemplary performance from their teams. Personal growth and development come from making larger commitments and consistently delivering on them.